I am hero gets a movie !

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One of the most critically acclaimed seinen manga of the recent years, I AM A HERO, will be adapted live on the silver screen in 2015. The post-apocalytic universe, with its very awkward zombie mythology imagined by Kengo Hanasawa, will be directed by Shinsuke Sato (Both GANTZ movies, LIBRARY WARS and ALL-ROUND APPRAISER Q : THE EYES OF MONA LISA this year, – read our exclusive interview here) and written by Akiko Nogi (LIBRARY WARS). The cast will gather many talents : Yu Oizumi will play Hideo Suzuki, the sociopathic anti-hero evolving through a Tokyo dealing with a walking dead apocalypse, as Kazumi Arimura will give her face to Hiromi Hayakari, a catatonic young student protected by Hideo. Kazumi Arimura made the head titles a few months ago when she was choosed to lend her voice to Marnie, the main character of the upcomming new Studio Ghibli Production OMOIDE NO MARNIE. Lastly, Nabu, the couragous nurse enlightening the original manga will be impersonated by Masami Nagasawa

Pictures : Masami Nagasawa, You Oizumi, Kazumi Arimura



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