GARO gets his anime !

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GARO, one of the most original et action-packed japanese tokusatsu show, getting a strong local and international attention since 2005, will be adapted as an anime to be released in autumn 2014. This is a new and original creation, developped at Mappa studio (read our exclusive interview with Maruyama Masao, Mappa CEO, in Coyote n°50), already heavily noticed with KIDS ON THE SLOPE (a shool comedy about jazz music adapted from a Yuki Kodama Manga by Shinichiro Watanabe himself…) and this year with TERROR IN RESONANCE (a dark contemporary anime about urban terrorism). 

Garo will be written by Yasuko Kobayashi, counting among his past works GARO, the live show and ATTACK ON TITANS anime !

© 2014 Honoo no Kokuin, Keita Amemiya / Tohoku Shinsha

First trailer :

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